Colombia Single Origin Specialty Coffee


Indulge your senses. Share with others. Care for the planet.


At JULIA we want you to indulge your senses and share with others with coffee amazingly produced while we care for the planet.


We are Niko and Karo, two siblings and a second generation of coffee growers.  Our father, Octavio, started in the coffee business in the 90s with our mother, Angela.  With much illusion, he built beautiful houses - in harmony with the traditional coffee landscape, and started producing coffee. 


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We want you to enjoy your cup of coffee knowing that we do our best to produce it sustainably and to highlight the best characteristics of the cherries.  We want you to indulge your senses and share with others, while you also care for the planet.

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Trujillo, Valle del Cauca


Tel: +57 315 509 3335

Tel: +57 310 822 8247