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Our Coffee

At JULIA we want you to indulge your senses and share with others with coffee amazingly produced while we care for the planet.

Specialty Coffees

We started specialty coffee production in 2015. Niko began with Java because he was looking for rare and exotic varietals hard to find in Colombia. We planted Java, Tabi and Geisha in mid 2015 and started the first cherry picking in April-May of 2017. 


Niko later started trying different fermentation and drying processes including naturals, honeys, and semi-washed.  Today we have an array of specialty coffees with great notes to indulge your senses. 


We love experimenting and collaborating and we are always open to trying new steps and processes.

Estate Coffees

We produce very high quality Rainforest Alliance certified green estate coffees.  We use traditional Arabica varietals that include Caturra, Variedad Colombia, and Castillo. 


But we go further and we are producing some of our Estate coffees with specialty processes, making them intense and highlighting beautiful notes to indulge your senses and share with others.

Weekend Market
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